Class Action Lawsuits

We have been involved on both the plaintiff and defendant side of many significant class action matters in Quebec, relating for example, to products' and auditors' liability as well as to securities litigation.
From the plaintiff's perspective, class actions facilitate access to justice by enabling  a representative plaintiff to take proceedings on behalf of a class of similarly situated persons, and enables all such class members to benefit from a favorable settlement or judgment, without requiring their financial or physical participation in the proceedings.
From a defendant's perspective, the authorization or certification phase of a class action proceeding is key, as it protects the defendant from frivolous claims by requiring the representative plaintiff to prove to the court that the proposed action is appropriately being brought forward as a class proceeding.
Our vast experience in commercial litigation matters enables us to strategically advise clients at all stages of these types of proceedings, from authorization or certification stage, all the way to settlement or judgment and execution, including the potential insurance-related recourses.