Shareholders’ Disputes


Conflicts between shareholders can arise, whether due to the absence of an appropriate shareholders’ agreement, unforeseeable circumstances, the power imbalance existing in majority-minority relationships, or the potential stalemates inherent in shared decision-making.

Shareholders’ disputes can be complex, and resolving them often requires significant acumen in sophisticated financial matters and evolving commercial and legal developments in this area.  Since disputes can be resolved in both the courtroom and the boardroom, our negotiating skills and reputation for litigated success enables us to resolve many matters between shareholders, in a timely and cost effective manner.

Some of our recent files have involved:

  • instituting and prosecuting oppression remedies on behalf of minority shareholders;
  • resolving shareholders' conflict by negotiating a sale of the shares at issue;
  • enforcing shareholders’ agreement provisions requiring an auction of shares; and
  • defending a majority shareholder of a multi-million dollar manufacturing business against injunctive relief sought by a minority shareholder.